Since it was originally founded and legally registered in BRAZIL in 1993, Partner International has been helping importers and exporters move all types of commodities worldwide with great professionalism and care.

Logistics both internationally and domestically
Customs Clearance and others.

Partner International enjoys an excellent reputation both domestically and internationally.
The secret to this well-deserved reputation lies mainly in its highly-trained and customer-focused workforce. The human resources department always makes sure to employ only the best professionals with proven expertise in every aspect of the industry. Every employee demonstrates both great professionalism and natural dedication, always being part of the team while holding the customer in the highest places in their hearts.

Although every business transaction is negotiable, our commitment to excellence and Total Quality Management is non-negotiable and is never compromised. We do welcome the challenge and exert all necessary efforts to find the solution that’s both efficient and cost effective. And this promoted us to acquire the ISO 9001:2015.

With that in mind and customer satisfaction as its goal, Partner International continues its strenuous efforts to ensure that freight can move around the globe as easily as if it were in a single room. In addition, Partner International helps to ensure that goods can move safely, securely, efficiently and economically, under clearly predefined conditions.







Warehousing and

Special Projects