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The domestic air transport is a new modality which is growing faster during the last year due to the high risk present on brazilian highways. It is a useful, secure tool which provides a great help speacially to perishable cargo, pharmaceuticals and all kinds of cargo which demands a faster transit time.

In the beginning, this modality was restricted to passengers only. However it gained such a approval by our industries and converted itself into one of the most important transport ways inside our territory.

Through partnerships with the major brazilian airlines, we are able to ship to more than 3.000 cities and the solutions are:

- Airport / Airport:

You deliver the cargo where we told you and your customer collect it in the airport.

- Door / Airport:

We collect the cargo and deliver it to the destination airport, your customer has to collect it there.

- Door / Door:

We collect the cargo and deliver it to your customer door.

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